Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Waxed Autumn Leaves

I've always loved Autumn and the colourful leaves have always been my favourite part. I've read about and seen photos of waxed leaves before and have always wanted to make some of my own.

Well, today I finally did! I already had the beeswax on hand that I bought from Freidrich's and I definitely had a yardful of fallen leaves so Ally and I browsed online on how to do it and we went for it!

It was fun, super easy to do and they smell so yummy!

We gathered our leaves
 We melted our beeswax.
 After pouring the melted beeswax into a plastic lined bowl, we dipped a leaf to coat both sides.
Let the excess wax drip off and let dry on wax paper.
 Once they were dry, I hung them from floss.
 And hung them on the windows!

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