Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Little Miss Sophie is 9 months old!

She's officially been out longer than she's been in!

At 9 months, Sophie:
~ is starting to wave.
~ loves to give kisses.
~ starting to dance to music. (so cute btw!)
~ is starting to become mischevious. She loves to do things that she knows she shouldn't do... and loves to watch me when she's doing something she knows she shouldn't do!
~ loves her brother and sister. Particularly loves pulling Parky's hair when he's sleeping.
~ is starting to nap in her crib in Parker's room. I also lay her in her crib at night but when bring her into our bed when she wakes up once we've gone to bed.
~ still nurses quite a bit at night. Even more so lately but I think its because she's so busy during the day and doesn't nurse much so she makes up for it at night.
~ weighs 19.7lbs
~ eats pretty much everything we do but nothing consistent. Eating is more of a fun thing to do and we offer her bits of food at the table to occupy her while we eat.
~ cruises around furniture.
~ crawls so fast now on hands and knees.
~ starting to feel seperation anxiety when I leave her sight.

Her personality is really starting to show, she loves to get a reaction out of us, loves to laugh but I can also tell she's going to have a bit of a temper. She can get so mad for such a little thing, take something away from her and look out! She's also so much more adventerous and "brave" than my other two were. Parker's always been very cautious and Sophie is his opposite. I have a feeling she'll be getting them both in a lot of trouble when they're older! All in all, we just love her so much and can't imagine our family without our little Sophers!

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  1. Nine months old already. Our babies are growing up!