Monday, September 27, 2010

Waldorf Stars

I've been loving waldorf stars for a few years now but this is the first year I have attempted to make a few for my own windows.

Waldorf stars bring in a beautiful coloured light into your home when placed in a sunny window. Very welcome in the otherwise dullness of winter.

Here's a simple tutorial on how to make an 8 point star:

You will need:

8 sheets of coloured kite paper (I bought mine from Hestia)
a paring knife
a toothpick

1) Lay your square of kite paper on a white sheet of paper or other light surface. This makes it easier to see your fold lines.

2) Fold in half lengthwise and using your paring knife, cut the paper in two.

3) Fold along the  length of the centre and open to leave a crease downt the middle.

4) Fold the corners in to the centre.

5) Repeat for both ends.

6) One one end, fold in the corners to make a long point.

7) Repeat until you have all 8 pieces completed. :)

8) Using a toothpick (or a glue stick) dab a tiny bit of glue as I've shown.

9) Lay another folded piece onto the glued piece, being careful to line up the edge of the top piece with the middle crease of the bottom piece. Also, make sure the points meet at the bottom.

10) Repeat until all folded pieces are used. When you get to the last piece, glue it down as usual but lift up the piece next and tuck under the last piece.

11) Voila! I like to stick it in a book for a few hours to help it lay flat.
12) To stick it in the window, I add a teeny bit of glue to the centre and a few of the points.

I have ordered this book and am excited to learn how to make more complex stars!


  1. Love this!! I'd like to try this for sure (just as soon as I track down kite paper here in the middle of nowhere...)

  2. Tasha, I couldn't find any here either so I ordered it online. But you could also use a heavier tissue paper, I'm sure.