Sunday, September 26, 2010

Sophie is 8 months old!

Sophie turned 8 months this past Wednesday and as always I think to myself how quickly this is all going by. Time flies by quicker these past few years: our lives are fuller and just plain crazier!

At 8 months, Sophie:
~ cruises around furniture
~ climbs onto and into things! This past week, she's climbed into more than one moving box as I was trying to unpack it (yes, we moved this past month!).
~ has mastered the pincer grasp.
~ looks for a toy if she drops it.
~ loves to throw a toy so we can retrieve it for her. Over and over again.
~ has started playing with the volume of her voice. Today she was all about whispering. :)
~ loves to eat. We still only offer her solids as an addition to breastmilk. I feel that breastmilk should be the number #1 source of food for at least the first year but she gets bits of this and that at meal times, mostly to entertain her enough so we can eat our dinner. Her favourites are banana or avacado chunks, peas, and toast. She just started to cry out for food if she sees one of us eating something that she wants.
~ still cosleeps with us all night long. I would like to start sleeping seperate from her for a few hours a night as she is becoming  restless and wakes to the slightest movement. Also, she's becoming an all night nurser. I'm hoping that having her sleep in her own space (a crib or mattress in our room, haven't decided yet), she'll actually get a better night's sleep.

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