Sunday, September 26, 2010

Goodbye Saran wrap, hello Abeego wrap!

I went to see a friend of mine in Vancouver before she went back home to Australia to have her baby. We spent the afternoon on Granville Island which I just love, haven't been there in ages. While we were looking around for a gelato shop, I spotted some Abeego wraps in one of the little stands. I was so excited as I have been reading online about this great product!

Abeego is made up of a hemp blend fabric which is infused with essential oils and beeswax. This makes the material so it can be molded around food or containers to keep it fresh. No more plastic wrap! Best of all about this product is that not only is it made in Canada but it's made in Victoria.

This picture here is using one of the flats (it comes in a set of three flat sheets of various sizes) over a brick of cheese. Works fantastic!! I also bought the sandwhich wrap, love love love it!

Seriously, you need to check this stuff out. I *heart* it very much and know you all will too!

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  1. hi there kim.... (or as I used to know you 'yakgirl')... I know all about these. I shared a booth at the Moss street market with her when she was starting up her business.... it's really growing! i have several of her different wraps, and they are all great.