Tuesday, January 20, 2009

So it wasn't teething after all...

Poor Parker has an ear infection. He's on the mend now but still not 100%. He was really grumpy and not sleeping well a week ago MOnday but I blamed teething for it. (FYI... I blame teething for everything. Cranky baby? teething Baby won't eat? teething Diaper rash? teething.... you get the idea.) Turns out it wasn't teething but an ear infection. Poor little man!
We've gone back to full time cosleeping and while I love having him next to me, it's getting a little crowded in our bed! This morning I woke up to Parky headbutting me in the lip and splitting it open. I can tell you that this is not the ideal way to wake up! Nap times are even worse right now, he'll only sleep in the cuddlywrap. I know he needs the extra love and cuddles but I hope that by the time he's feeling better he goes back to sleeping in his own crib even just for naps!

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