Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cakes and Pregnancies

Well... the recipe I was going to attempt for my husband's 30th bday party was a utter flop! It was the most vile thing I have ever eaten, so much so that I chucked it and bought a bakery cake for him. And still $75 worth of cake later, I can still taste the dissapointment in the cake I had thrown out. :( The recipe was horrid, the icing was like water, the cake dry from the get go even though I baked it for less than the recommended time. For me, I need more complex cake recipes to be dumbed down for me otherwise it doesn't turn out and I think that may have been the problem with that recipe. I have sinced learned my lesson and will only use recipes that come recommended or are from trusted chefs!
Last night for Dave's bday we went out for dinner and drinks then all came back to our place for some wii and cake. Dave had two highschool friends over whom he doesn't see as much as he'd like so it was nice, but they were both huge transformer nerds who spent the night putting a toy together. Not my idea of fun but whatever!
Tonight we're going to watch the first disc of Season 1 of Dexter. I've been meaning to rent this forever and I finally got my hands on it. Same with the documentary by Rikki Lake: "The business of being born" which I think is a must watch by any pregnant or soon to be pregnant woman. it didn't all apply to Canada but the parts that did had me questioning the care I recieved during my pregnancies. What hit home the most was the parts that discussed how the medical field uses fear to "force" women into making decisions based on what the doctor's want. I had 10 ultrasounds with Parker and fear was a huge cloud over my pregnancy when it probably shouldn't have been. I had some complications during my first trimester and into my second but after that it was fine. I did have a midwife in the beginning but it wasn't a good match so I switched to my family doctor then tried to switch to a midwife again later on but none were available. I'm just glad this documentary came out before I was done having children as it opened up a dialog between my husband and I about what we wanted out of the the whole pregnancy experience the second (third for me) time around.
Anyhoo... I just bought some new fabric and some lace so I'm going to do some sewing before we start dexter. I'm going to be making up some new birthday bibs for my esty shop: . But I am pretty tired from last night so I just might just sneak in a nap instead!

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