Thursday, February 25, 2010

I take it back!

I must have wrote my last post on a good day because we've had a few very rough days here surviving with two under two.
It started with Sophie waking up to eat and be changed at 5am. Then just as I was falling back asleep, Dave's alarm went off. Then Parker woke up. Then Dave's second alarm went off after I sent Parker back to bed and was asleep maybe 10 minutes. Then Dave woke up with Parker and my day was to start. And it didn't get any easier as the day went on: quite the opposite actually. Parker was really whiny all day and threw temper tantrum after temper tantrum. Sophie wouldn't sleep more than a few minutes either. So basically it was a huge cry fest here, myself included.
This is where I'm thankful for tandem nursing though, I have to say! I've been breastfeeding the two of them but never at the same time. I'm not sure why but I do know that whenever I'm feeding Sophie, Parker likes to destroy the house. He's been wanting to nurse much more often lately (big surprise given how moody and sensitive he's been the past few days) and with Sophie being up and unhappy I decided to try my hand at simultaneously nursing them. I got comfy on the sofa and put a pillow on each side. Then I had Parker in a cradle hold as per usual then put Sophie on top of him on the other breast. It worked magically and I wished I had started this from the beginning. It was also very sweet to look down at my two babies and Parker rubbing Sophie's back while she nursed.
So I think that's my new weapon of attack for cranky days. That and a glass of good wine at the end of the day. :)

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