Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Two under Two...

...is not always easy. Throw a hormonal teenaged girl into the mix and I'm done for!
When I was pregnant with Sophie I spent most of my time worrying and panicking about two under two and imagining worst case scenarios. I have to say though that while it's definitely hard it's not nearly as hard as I thought it would be. I find as long as I'm one step ahead of them (and I think that's the secret to this whole parenting thing!) then things go okay.

Thankfully I've worked with children for the past ten years and i've found that by following a schedule is helpful. Not a strict schedule but more a routine I guess. And having activities for Parker to do is great too but I've been slacking in that area. I need to have a day to prepare tons of art supplies, or maniupulatives so that I can just whip it out when he's looking bored. Maybe that will save my houseplants from curious toddler hands. :)

Ally's been a huge help when she wants to be. SH'es great with Sophie and loves to hold her so that I can quickly run the vacuum, start dinner or take a breather like I'm doing right now. A week after Sophie was born we decided to switch schools for Ally. She wasn't doing well at her old highschool and there were some serious problems that were coming up. I'm not sure that a switch of schools will work but so far so good. Fingers are crossed that this keeps up because I dont know if I can survive anymore teenage drama.

Parker's adjusting fairly well. He has his good days and his not so good days but all in all he seems back to his usual self. He's back to wanting to nurse a lot and I know that's because he's needing some extra comfort now that Sophie's here. And I don't mind, I was sad when he stopped nursing towards the end of my pregnancy because my milk had dried up and felt he was much too young to wean. So yay for him back to nursing but man do I ever feel like a 24 hour milk bar! hehe

Sophie is fabulous! She turned 1 month yesterday and I can't believe how fast the time went by. She's starting to smile and it just melts my heart... her whole face wrinkles up and she smiles with her whole body: love it! I've also noticed in the past few days she's started to coo which is just freaking adorable! She's also taken to not napping so great in the daytime, a few minutes here and there but usually a good long nap when Parker naps in the afternoon (thank you!!). She's also starting to get pretty fussy although I wouldn't say colicky... I think it's because she's not napping a whole lot in the day time and she gets overtired. We decided to make an appt with a chiropractor though to see if that helps with her fussiness.
As for me: I've decided (not 100%) to open up a family daycare next winter. To do that we need to move into a house (we're in a townhouse) so the search is on for something suitable!

Okay, Sophie's up, time to go!

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