Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's been a long time....

...... I think you can always tell when life is a bit crazy with me. When I have alot going on, I don't blog. Some people tend to blog more, using their blog as a way to clear their heads and hearts, to get it all out. Not me. But I'm here today and I hope to start blogging more regular again.

So let's recap the last few months as there's been many changes:

~ we moved. this is good, very very good. We moved from downtown to closer to my oldest's dd's school. We hated it literally from the minute we moved in. It was overpriced, in a cookie cutter neighbourhood and with a difficult landlord. We broke our lease and moved to just over half an acre in upper Lantzville and we're so happy. It's bigger, more private, lots of gardening space and it's cheaper. I still dream of having a small hobby farm but for the next few years I'm very happy we're here. :) I'll post pictures another time (I'm on a new computer with no pictures on it yet!).

~ my husband's grandmother passed away. It's been sad, our children no longer have a great grandmother. Their only living great grandparent lives in Manitoba and they'll probably never meet him.

~ my uncle passed away. We weren't close but it's made me very sad for the lack of relationship I have with my family. I found out about his death through facebook and I coulnd't help but wonder if that was how I'd find out of my own father's death.

~ in happier news, we have a new cat. Her name is Tubbs. She's gorgeous, timid but very loveable. I hope she'll become good friends with our other cat, Chancho but for right now: they're not so much friends.

And my kiddos are finished in the tub and are calling my name (they're not alone, they're with their dad upstairs, fyi).. so I'll come back soon....

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