Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Crafting Fun!

I've been a crafting mad woman lately and I love it! Being creative is my therapy, creating something instantly lifts my spirits. And as you can tell from my last post, I've been needing my spirits lifted lately. :)
After the holidays, I"m going to either open up my etsy shop again ( or start up a new one (probably a new one, name suggestions anyone?). I think my focus will be on needle felting and other natural/ Waldorf creations. I have a few ideas on some needle felted figurines with the theme of natural mother (breastfeeding, baby wearing, etc). So excited... now here's hoping that I'll actually find time to get around to doing it!

I can't share all that I've been working on as a majority of my craftiness is for Christmas gifts but here's some of what I've been doing:

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