Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sophie is 4 months old!

I just can't believe that she's 4 months old already, time has been going by so fast!

New skills:
~ Sophie rolls over both ways now. Back to front is still easier for her though.
~ She knows her name. If we say her name she'll look for the person saying it.
~ Usually wakes once per night.
~ She has a tooth that's been poking up and down for about a week now. I can feel it but not quite see it.
~ Sophie has started to have full belly laughs. Of course she only does this for daddy though!
~ She can sit with support.
~ She pushes up with her arms when on her tummy.
~ Sophie has just started discovering her feet.
~ She loves to hold and mouth toys. Her favourite is a playsilk that I've tied into a ring.
~ We've put her in an excersaucer a few times. She likes to spend a few minutes in it while we're out in the garden.
~ I've been noticing lately that she naps better upstairs in my room than downstairs. She's a very light sleeper and will often only nap about 20 minutes at a time downstairs. But I'm not sure I'm ready for her to sleep upstairs and plus I can't quite figure out how to get her to nap upstairs when Parker's awake.

I'm sure there's more but as usual, I can't seem to think of them all right now! :)

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