Friday, April 23, 2010

Movies and Ear Candling

I don't know what it is about ear candling (aka ear coning) that I like so much but I am absolutely relaxed during and after the treatment.

Last Saturday night we ordered the Chris Rock documentary Hair off Shaw on Demand and candled our ears.  The documentary was alright: I love documentaries but after watching so many "heavy" ones lately, I needed something much "lighter" and easier to watch. So Hair it was!

For the ear candling, we only did 1 cone per ear but we should have used two or three since we haven't had it done in almost two years. And no matter how many times I do it, I always amazed at how much wax is drawn from our ears, how much clearer my hearing is and how I don't feel as much pressure in my head any longer.

You can find ear candles at your local health food store usually.

And be warned... some people may find this next picture gross but I find it fascinating at how much wax is drawn from the ear!

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